Engineering Mining and Petroleum in Partnership with Leighton O’Brien.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Engineering Mining and Petroleum is pleased to announce that it is now an official Licensed Service Provider for Leighton O’Brien in Northern and Central NSW. Through this new partnership, we can add to our service portfolio and leverage Leighton O’Brien’s best practice technologies in tank and line testing.

Established in 1995, Leighton O’Brien is a global technology leader in tank and fuel management with a service network that includes service distributors through Australia and around the world. By joining the growing Leighton O’Brien network, Engineering Mining and Petroleum gains access to superior test methods and systems along with the backing of a globally recognised leader in tank and fuel management. This allows us to provide a more integrated service offering – and essentially become a one-stop shop for you.

Leighton O’Brien assures your environmental compliance with installation testing accurate to 1/7,000 PSI and fully digitised, third-party engineer reviewed analysis.

As always, Engineering Mining and Petroleum remains dedicated to delivering high quality maintenance and installation services for petroleum storage systems through our own experienced field technicians. Now with Leighton O’Brien’s resources behind us, we can substantially increase that service offering.

For more information about Leighton O’Brien, please visit our website:

Lennox Head Service Centre Gets an Overhaul

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

After the previous fuel company’s lease expired, the Lennox Head family owners of the Byron Street Service Centre bit the bullet, and closed shop for over a month, taking the opportunity to give the servo a major revamp.

The underground fuel tanks were replaced, along with the fuel pumps, and the on-site drainage was upgraded, and the bay canopy replaced.

When the servo reopened, it was with a whole new look and new brand.

Engineering Mining and Petroleum were proud to have undertaken the project, and wish the family the very best with their new partnership.



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Recent Projects

Throughout the year we showcase some of our completed projects to demonstrate the variety of requirement and project values .



Tank Cleaning & Fuel Restoration

In conjunction with Leighton O’Brien, Engineering Mining Petroleum resolves problems with water & dirty fuel in underground tank networks.



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Engineering Mining Petroleum specialises in the decommissioning of disused underground tanks. We provide a full service, from site excavation and the capping and removal of lines, to the removal and environmental validation of the underground petroleum storage system (UPSS).