Installation & Maintenance



EMP supply and install all types of above and below ground petroleum handling and storage facilities for service stations and commercial industry. We can supply design and inspection services for Dangerous Goods to ensure that your petroleum facility meets all laws, at local, state and federal levels, as well as meeting the oil companies’ particular specifications.

EMP’s services include the supply and installation of tanks, pumps, and associated equipment, fabrication and installation of reticulation piping systems for metering and lubrication facilities, and commissioning of your site and certification of your equipment.

We can also provide ongoing preventative and breakdown maintenance services.


EMP provides a comprehensive range of petroleum maintenance services. Our fully qualified, trained, and experienced technicians work exclusively in the petroleum industry, servicing a diverse range of clients in service stations and truck stops, fuel and Council depots.

EMP can carry out all of your equipment repairs and maintenance, extending the life of your products and equipment, assisting you to maintain their safety and sustainability, and maximise your equipment uptime.

An incredible amount of debris can enter your underground tank via poorly maintained caps, seals and spill boxes. Ongoing maintenance is inexpensive in the long term, and EMP can carry out spill box maintenance, removing the wastes, leaving the box in a clean state, and provide you with a checklist as to its condition. We also perform a full tank cleaning service.

We will paint your bollards and vents, carry out plumbing repairs and site condition reporting, under-pump sump inspection and service, install swivel arm vent risers for easy servicing access, and carry out manway turret inspection and service.

EMP offers preventive maintenance servicing on:

- Tanks and lines
- Bowsers and dispensers
- Emergency stops
- Fuel management systems
- Spill containment boxes
- Fill & dip points
- Vents & underground piping
- Equipment integrity testing of underground tanks & lines

We provide a broad range of ancillary maintenance and other services, such as:
- Electrical equipment testing
- Electrical and mechanical services for fuel depots
- Calibration certification
- Bulk transfer pumps
- Composite hoses
- Automatic tank gauging
- Overfill protection
- Vapour management systems
- Hazardous area certification

Fuel Quality Management

Maintaining clean fuel storage tanks is a priority, and in particular, diesel tanks can grow virulent bacteria that must be treated and removed, as the bi-products from the organism will block injectors and filters very quickly. Tank bottom samples can be drawn for you at regular intervals to test for the bacteria, and a biocide treatment to prevent or control its spread can be supplied.

ULP Displacement E10 Conversions, and Bio Diesel.

EMP can carry out proper displacement of standard fuels with ethanol or biofuel blends, preventing any major problems which can arise if not done correctly.

Tank and Pipe Integrity Testing
EMP is equipped to carry out thorough testing of the integrity of your underground fuel storage tanks and pipes, meeting and exceeding Department of Environment criteria, and conforming to AS1940 – Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids.



Our Services Include:

Solutions for above and underground petroleum storage


Recent Projects

Throughout the year we showcase some of our completed projects to demonstrate the variety of requirement and project values .



Tank Cleaning & Fuel Restoration

In conjunction with Leighton O’Brien, Engineering Mining Petroleum resolves problems with water & dirty fuel in underground tank networks.



Installation and Maintenance

Engineering Mining Petroluem supply and install all types of above and below ground petroleum handling and storage facilities for service stations and commercial industry.




Engineering Mining Petroleum specialises in the decommissioning of disused underground tanks. We provide a full service, from site excavation and the capping and removal of lines, to the removal and environmental validation of the underground petroleum storage system (UPSS).